Tor Egil Kvalnes





150 degrees view

Nordfjorden and Sørfjorden, Mistfjorden. Sjunkhatten (1185 m) and Ånsvikfjellet (1005 m), Børvasstindan. The new Sjunkhatten national park.


250 degrees view

Steigtinden, Valviktindan, Sørfjorden, Storviktindan, and Breiviktinden (1154 m). The new Sjunkhatten national park.


This is to examples. The camera used by this photographing is Canon EOS 5D Mark II (21,1 mp) and 5D (12,7 mp).

You will find panorama photos by searching the word "panorama"  in the photo bank.


Photographer Tor Egil Kvalnes

Post address: Unnliv. 30, N-8023 Bodø, Norway.

Phone: +4775562958


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